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Perfect for birthdays and team parties!

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Chestnut Hill Parties

(Members & Guests Welcome)
(2 hour limit)

Banquet Room Reservation:
1-20 people-  $100 (members)  $150 (guests)
21-40 people-  $125 (members)  $175 (guests)

Banquet & Pool Reservation:
1-20 people-  $150 (members)  $250(guests)
21-40 people-  $175(members)  $275(guests)

(May 1st- mid August parties can only be scheduled on Wednesday nights 6-8 p.m. Call for more information.)

(Labor Day-April parties can be scheduled on Saturday or Sunday if space allows. Call for more information.)

Twelve Oaks Parties

(Members Only)

* No more than 15 people-$60
* 2 hour limit
* Only one party scheduled at a time (first come first serve)